Sunday, January 22, 2012

New clothes for my website

Hello, people! It was a busy weekend. It's the time to give new clothes for my website! Yeah! Loads of creatures yelled at me to pick them. it was just like competitions. haha :D Recently, I am trying to approach to create characters in a different way that I've done- does not quite far from my sketch, using of lines and colours are more simple than before and more than this, I am trying to take great care into each of those creatures.

Those three images are some sketches of new creatures with Faber-castell pitt artist pen M and Fudegokochi pen made in Japan. It was my first time to use Fudegokochi pen and it was just amazing, very smart pen. Love it!

People! Come and enjoy the time with new creatures and new stuff on my website.
Hope you like it!!

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